Space Sculpture

Marinus Boezem


The reality of the glass plate is deceptive. Glass is, by nature, completely transparent. Precisely because we can see through it, we are hardly aware of its materiality. But our focus determines what we see. When we look through the glass, we see the world beyond it. But if we focus on the glass itself, we see the reflection of the world on this side of the glass. The seemingly non-existent material is the vehicle for an image of two worlds. To maintain the equivalence of these images, the glass plate is held perfectly vertical by two thick ropes. The robust ropes have an unmistakeable presence, in stark contrast to the fragile glass. On the floor on either side of the glass plate is a ticking metronome. One beats a slow steady andante, while the other beats a more frenetic allegro. Two different tempi; two conflicting divisions of time. 'Space Sculpture' is a collection of contrasts and bottled-up tension. The balance is precarious, in a material sense and in space and time.