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Porsche Academie

Marinus Boezem


Porsche Academie | Marinus Boezem
18.04 Aernout Mik | 25.04 Liesbeth Bik | 02.05 Lex ter Braak | 09.05 Irene Fortuyn | 16.05 Marinus Boezem | 23.05 Hans van Houwelingen

Frustrated with the state of art education in 1976 Marinus Boezem imagined an alternative: Porsche Academie, an art school without a director, without a building, comprising seven ‘professors’ who would be available for students on call. Each of the professors, ‘well-known artists who consider the educational aspect an important element of their artistic practice’, would be provided with a high-speed Porsche enabling them to be with a student for a consultation anywhere in the country within 24 hours. Porsche Academie was a reference to the Rijkspolitie (State Police), which at that time had a fleet of Porsches available to provide swift assistance to people in need.

In the first concept of the manifestation a presentation on Porsche Academie by Maxine Kopsa and Riet Wijnen of Kunstverein Amsterdam was programmed. We are thankful to them for drawing our attention to Boezem’s Porsche Academie. During the six weeks of the manifestation this previously unrealised plan for an alternative art school was put into action. Specially for the occasion six professors were named: Aernout Mik, Liesbeth Bik, Lex ter Braak, Irene Fortuyn, Hans van Houwelingen and Marinus Boezem himself. Each Saturday one of them drove through the country in a Porsche.

Students and other fledgling artists from all over the country could contact Vleeshal to register for a consultation, starting from 24 hours ahead of the day the professor was scheduled to drive around the country. They did not have to specify the nature of their question. The idea was that they could present their question or problem to the professor, one on one, unhindered by public or social interference.

Article in Metropolis M

On Sunday 26 April from 14:00–17:00 a symposium was organised at the Podio del Mondo per l’Arte on the current state of art education, developed in collaboration with University College Roosevelt.



Education is of great importance to Vleeshal. Its educational program accompanying the exhibitions is twofold. Firstly, for each child who visits the exhibition there is an educational assignment available at the counter. This assignment is based on the child's perception of the world. Secondly, Vleeshal organizes educational workshops for both primary school and secondary education. This workshop consists of a receptive part in which the schoolchildren or students view and discuss the exhibition, and a reflective part with a processing assignment.

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