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Job Koelewijn

Solo exhibition

27 May – 26 June 1995
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lex ter Braak

Job Koelewijn, 1995. Installation image. Photo: Leo van Kampen | Job KoelewijnJob Koelewijn

At first glance, De Vleeshal seems to have become a grain field. In geometric patterns of 1x1 meter, endless amounts of spaghetti bars lie on a new surface (the black and white tile floor of the Vleeshal is completely obscured); The shine, color and volume of the spaghetti create an image of the floor that is both pictorial and sculptural. The movements of the visitors leave their traces in the field: the spaghetti slides in and over each other, new patterns are formed: it is a constant movement - which creates a violent noise as the movement breaks the rods in increasingly smaller parts. At the end of the hall is a picture of the rising sun.

Playful and religious: sliding through the spaghetti as through the leaves of an autumn forest, breaking to come to life (eg, John: the kernel must die to bring forth fruit), the enjoyment of the picturesque color, the threatening sound of the destruction and the joy of the motion.

The work for the Vleeshal is Job Koelewijn's first solo presentation. Prior to that he participated in various group exhibitions (including Galerie Fons Welters 1994, Festival a / d Werf 1994 and 1995, 'shift' 1995, AMONG OTHERS ... ONDER ANDEREN - Biennale Venice 1995).