Goin’ mad

Jacob Dwyer

Audio, Installation

15 min.

Jacob Dwyer was the first artist Root Canal agreed upon to invite for this show. Earlier this year in an exhibition in Amsterdam they discovered that Jacob is not only a great video artist, but also makes stunning audio pieces. His audio piece Goin’ Mad, that he made specifically for this show at Vleeshal, progresses through the anxious and never ending mantra:

I think I’m going mad mate.
I think I’m losing my mind.
And I’ve got so much on my plate. I’m sure I’m going mad mate.

The words come from a song of the same name. Goin’ Mad was the fifth track of Wiley’s debut album, Treddin’ On Thin Ice (2004), in which he flows over a timeless grime beat, produced by himself. In combining the recordings made on the site in which they will be heard, Dwyer creates a sonic space in which the voices (and lyrics) come to life, merging with the fabric of the building. The old wooden doors flanking the hall, that were once used to keep the meat inside cool, become a surface for a crazed character to thump and provide metronome for these vague internal anxieties, from the world outside the attic (brain). Goin’ Mad was recorded using binaural microphones. These mirror the acoustic shadowing that our head provides, thus when listened to from the same position in which they were recorded, we can align with that perspective. It becomes extremely personal. Root Canal thought it would be nice to have this intense work that activates the attic space differently. The audience could really feel the space. It was getting closer to a claustrophobic feeling.