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Sleep Club

Juliette Blightman, Anthony Silvester


Sleep Club | Juliette Blightman, Anthony  Silvester

Continuing the themes in the exhibition The Vleeshal Opera, and Blightman's interest in domestic confinement, in this performance the bedroom becomes a space where anything might be possible, an embodiment of the separation of life and art, as dreams and reality – a space where it is still possible to dance, especially after nightclubs being closed for so long, due to the pandemic. It is also a dream space where one can 'give up', not get out of bed, and refuse to participate in the world. It proposes the bedroom as an underground club.

The performance is accompanied by a specifically for this event composed musical score by Silvester. The musical score is based on the manipulated bass sound from Berlin’s club Berghain. The central themes of the performance bring the experience of the club to the confinements of domestic space, along with experimental narrative, subculture, gender and identity.

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