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Pressed Flowers

Kasper Bosmans, Marinus Boezem

Performance, Stone laying

26 September 2021
10 am – 12 pm
Damplein, Middelburg (Map)

Curator: Marinus Boezem

During this ceremony, the newest addition to the Podio del Mondo per l’Arte was installed. The ceremony started off with a a brief introduction by Marinus Boezem. Afterwards, the the hole for Pressed Flowers was dug.

Pressed Flowers

Kasper Bosmans


Pressed Flowers | Kasper Bosmans

This artwork is an addition to the Podio del Mondo per l’Arte, consisting of two marble stones between which a bouquet of flowers lie drying. This work is a poetical contribution to the Podio del Mondo per l'Arte (1979) by Marinus Boezem. Pressed Flowers is not only about love, but also responds to the time in which most of the previous additions to the Podio were made – a time in which male artistry dominated.

Bulletin Podio del Mondo per l’Arte – Pressed Flowers

About Podio del Mondo per l’Arte

In 1976, conceptual artist Marinus Boezem, took over the former ‘Graanbeurs’, at the Damplein in Middelburg and made it into an international platform for conceptual art: Podio del Mondo per l’Arte. Over the course of the past years, he has asked several conceptual artists to contribute a stone to this platform.

Previously installed artworks
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