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Kasper Bosmans


Parlour | Kasper Bosmans

The hanging sculpture Parlour, is a continuation of a group of works that Bosmans made under the title 'Bulbous Bow'. The shape of Parlour refers to the bulbous bow of a ship, which ensures that it can sail more efficiently. During the Battle of Antium (338 BC), the painted noses of vanquished ships were sawn off and taken as a trophy. They were hung on Vulcan's Alta at the Roman Forum, traditionally used as a platform for public speeches. The shape of the gong is also reminiscent of a gong and thus shows the potential of Parlour to make sound. The title refers to the part of a lobster or crab trap (the so-called "parlor trap") called 'parlor' (salon). Such traps are often made by hand and placed at the bottom of the water. They are attached to cuffs with cords for easy retrieval and retrieval of the traps. The cynical name of the 'salon' where the shellfish end up when they enter the trap, connects being trapped with the (in)ability to speak.

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