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Pneumatic video-theatre installation


Solo exhibition

14 August – 2 September 1987
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert

Collaborators: Helmert Woudenberg en Videodrama | Pneumatic video-theatre installation | Servaas

Servaas has now established his place in the (inter) national video art. In his works, the relationship between image and sound plays an important role. A second characteristic is that the viewer is not so much confronted with incomprehensible and/or opaque techniques, but Servaas hides and subordinates them properly so that the final result is something that is "alive" with everyday life. In other words, his works are a humorous humiliation of the television set. An oft-used technique is the use of pneumatics, which is very evident in the now classic ‘PFFT’ video sculpture from 1983. In addition to this sculpture there is another video theater in the Vleeshal which uses this same techniqu, entitled "Court of Justice" . The most recent work of Servaas, "Shake Hands", marks the finish.