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Degli Uccelli

Marinus Boezem

Solo exhibition

27 January – 5 March 1989
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert

Marinus Boezem 
Exhibition view
Wim Riemens photography | Degli Uccelli | Marinus Boezem

Three pitriet braided eggs are in a diamond-shaped stack of steel INP profiles. Small wooden cubes lift the heavy beams slightly above the ground. The organic flexible material of the eggs protrudes against the rigid steel profiles.

The crafty braiding technique, in which the eggs were slowly established, contrast with the industrially manufactured modern building material; in this perspective, the braided eggs represent the nucleus of the architectural space. The up and down movement of the pitriet stems within the braid is considered by Boezem as the conceptual spacecraft element of the sculpture. It also refers to when young birds fly out, who are for now, still hidden inside the eggs. The first presentation of the work took place in the late Gothic Vleeshal in Middelburg where there was a mirror between the diamond-shaped stacking of the INP profiles and the netted vault. This reflection has been haematized in the photo montage 'Degli Uccelli', 1989 in which the nest of the eggs was formed by the reversed vault of De Vleeshal. The motif of the nest eggs returns in different works, such as: 'Hommage a` JB', 1989; 'The Unbearable Lightness', 1989; 'Topos', 1991; 'Degli Uccelli', 1991; and 'Hommage a` JB, 1992'.