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De dag/De nacht

Christina Kubisch

Solo exhibition

29 January – 6 March 1993
Vleeshal (Map)

Christina Kubisch, 'De dag/De nacht', 1993. Exhibition overview. Photo: Wim Riemens | De dag/De nacht | Christina Kubisch

This work was specifically designed for the Vleeshal in Middelburg. It refers to the architecture of the building, but also to its history as a meat market. In the installation, the niches in the walls (31 in total, and originally used for keeping the butcher's tools) are used as the main visual elements. The niches are covered with electric cable, painted fluorescent white, and ending in a loudspeaker at the top of each arch. All speakers have a different shape, size and sound. The sound is generated by small ultrasonic instruments (usually used to keep animals away) which receive their electrical energy from a few solar cells exposed to the natural light outside the Vleeshal: the light can only be heard. Depending on the weather and the cycle of day and night, the acoustic image in the hall will constantly change. The elements of this installation are all mass produced industrial items. The only "natural" element, light, is converted into an "acoustic shadow". The sound it generates is reminiscent of animals, but this, like the other elements of this "natura morta", is pure fiction.