Hugo Duchateau

Solo exhibition

21 October – 20 November 1988
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert

The concept of this work is determined by the space in which it resides: the spirit and style of Gothic architecture. More precisely, it leaves a remarkable anomaly in the current Vleeshal architecture: on one side the windows are closed. Nothing is so contradictory to the principles of Gothic as this blind wall. The constructive ingeniousness of the late Middle Ages was aimed at openness and light.

Hugo Duchateau's project consists of a building of mirrors, leading from the open windows to the ground and from there to the blind windows. In a wave-like motion, the mirror bridge crosses the "ship". The mirrors convey light to the space where it is missing. A waterfall of light tumbles into space and flows in one movement to the other side. The sunlight is caught on one side and carried to the other. It flows to the (closed) window instead of coming out from it. The window is opened symbolically. The light is given back to (gothic) space, in which light is so important, and was once murdered in this building by an architectural intervention. The sunlight brings birth to everything and is constantly reborn. This space also gets a new level by the return of the light. But the restoration of the unity of light in space itself requires that the space be broken by complex construction. Everything is contradictory.