Tom van den Boomen

Solo exhibition

12 August – 10 September 1988
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert

Tom is in no way a virtuoso. Therefore, creating images does not require a daily routine. On the contrary, it comes only after a lot of effort and thought, it is unsteady, and it cannot be created nor influenced. Even the all-devouring weed that is aesthetic can still keep him out of doors. The "beautiful" is not imposed at all from within, unobtrusively within the overall picture. A good picture is beautiful, but it cannot be done with that intention.

Flying-eyed objects are clogged to the ground: a vessel on posts is crunching and thirsty, and the washing boat has not seen water for a long time.

The odd image shines with the embodiment of an opposition, a struggle, a bondage, and in this ancient human contest is a universal value that goes on the show, because the images are recognizable, and yet not immediately identifiable. The images are moving because they are real without them operating in any way; They are tired, but happy and quiet, taken, captured, in the very last shot, after a long journey. Proud, somewhat permanent, survivors. Although not light-hearted they are not depressing. On the contrary, they have both the kindness of the fairy tale, the dream, the desire, the childish desire, and the warmth of the mature passion