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Tiny Rectangles

Holly Antrum, Andrea Büttner, Raisa Kabir, Katie Schwab


11 December 2021
2 – 4 pm
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Clare Molloy

Tiny Rectangles | Holly Antrum, Andrea Büttner, Raisa Kabir, Katie Schwab

Tiny Rectangles was a screening program that presented a selection of moving image works by Holly Antrum, Andrea Büttner, Raisa Kabir and Katie Schwab. The program started off with an introduction by Katie Swab.

Shown in the context of Katie Schwab’s exhibition small wares, the concept for this screening was inspired by a scene from Baylis Glascock’s 1968 documentary We Have No Art. In this film, artist Sister Corita Kent outlines a two-hour observation exercise to her art class. The students are asked to each cut-out a small rectangular hole in a piece of cardboard, and to take this with them to a car dealership on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. With these 'finders' the students are encouraged to look and

Do what a moving picture person does. He cuts off everything else and focuses on one small little place and lets you look at that. Sometimes you can take the whole of the world in and sometimes you need a small piece to take in.
— Corita Kent, 1968

Taking Corita Kent’s assignment as a starting point, Tiny Rectangles explored how four artists drew attention to ‘small pieces’ of the world that are often overlooked: craft-making and religious practises; textile histories and colonial trading; art-making and communal living; personal archives and memory.


Katie Schwab
Living Together (Hancock Shaker Village, Massachusetts; Watervliet Historic Shaker District, New York; 58 West Princes Street, Glasgow; 167 Hermitage Road, London), 2015
HD video, 13 mins 13 secs

Andrea Büttner
Little Works, 2007
Single channel video
10 mins 48 secs

Holly Antrum,
Catalogue, 2014
Colour, Stereo, 19 minutes
Original format: Super 16mm film

Raisa Kabir
Gather your spools, let your hair down for me. Gently. Here. Undo, 2021
11 mins 15 secs

Katie Schwab
Dedicated to my great teachers (Becky Lewin, St Catherine's College, Oxford; Madeleine Ladell, Phoenix Pottery, London; Mia Schwab, London), 2015
HD video
13 mins 13 secs


From time to time Vleeshal invites guest curators to organize exhibitions in the Vleeshal or to develop other projects. By doing so, we aim to welcome new perspectives and contribute to talent development.

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