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So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood #4

Giel Louws

Bike tour, Excursion

28 August 2016
12 – 2 pm
Giel Louws’ house and studio

So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood #4 | Giel Louws

It is almost impossible to get lost, nowadays, even in Zeeland: there are countless tools to point you in the right direction. Nevertheless, getting lost is a key element in the work of Giel Louws.

Zeeland has a great influence on Louws’ work: his workplace begins when he opens his front door in Middelburg and stretches until his studio in Vlissingen. The road in between is inevitable and self-explanatory, but at the same time essential to his artistry, or as Louws describes it: “Sometimes it takes a lot of persuasiveness to get myself back to work. And the first step is essential: get on my bike and go the eight kilometres. While the influence of this landscape and its light are not immediately visible in my work, it does have a great influence. It has to".

In this edition of So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood, Giel Louws took all participants on a bike tour from his house to his studio. At both the starting point and the end point he showed and explained what interests him, and while biking everyone experienced where the studio begins and ends.


Giel Louws


For So You Don’t Get Lost in the Neighborhood, Vleeshal invited artists from Zeeland to take on the role of a compass and guide their audience to interesting and inspiring places in Zeeland. The title comes from the English translation of Patrick Modiano’s book Pour que tu ne te perds pas dans le quartier written in 2014, the year Modiano won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This series took place from 2015-2018.