Eshkol’s dances: I Look at the Moon and Think about My Daughter-in-Law

Noa Eshkol

Solo exhibition, Performance

Saturday 21 January 2017
4 – 6 pm
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Roos Gortzak

During the opening of the exhibition I Look at the Moon and Think about my Daugther-in-Law a number of Eshkol's choreographies were performed by the Noa Eshkol Chamber Dance Group, which currently consists of: Mor Bazan, Noga Goral, Rachel Nul-Kahana, Ruti Sela and Dror Shoval.

The following dances were performed:

From the suite Theme & Variations
1 Fugue (O) Trio
2 Stoning
3 Duet (5) 
4 Peacock 

From the suite Right Angled Curves
5 Small Birds in Trees
6 Warrior (March)

From the suite Diminishing Series
7 "Six" Wild Courting

From the suite Symmetrical & Sentimental Etudes
8 Gestures II
9 Etude No. 1 – March
10 Etude No. 2 – Formal Waltz (Hint of Classical Ballet)

From the suite Rubaiyat
11 Narcissus–Anguised