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Not Yet Titled (Schuimblokken 1–10)

Marina Pinsky


Not Yet Titled (Schuimblokken 1–10) | Marina Pinsky
Polyurethane, foam, Styrofoam, aluminium, plasti-dip
84 x 40 x 75 cm

The ten foam blocks are positioned in front often of Vleeshal’s small cabinets, in which - as the story goes – the butchers of the former meat market kept their knives. For her exhibition, Pinsky had all cabinets’s doors reinstalled. The blocks imply the condition of layers of earth built over time, the physical strata of Walcheren island, which can been seen in topological maps with different ages of soil fill. Marina Pinsky translates these “organic” channels (that are really not that organic) into poured layers of foam. The Slow, the trade route connection between Middelburg and the sea, was one of these channels, now buried under filled-in land. On top of the blocks is a collection of knives and other weapons. They are cast, carved objects based on images of some of the weapons that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has seized at airport gates in the United States. The TSA’s Instagram account, with over 800.000 followers, shows some of the items the agency has confiscated at security checkpoints.

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