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AR1 Golem

Marina Pinsky


AR1 Golem | Marina Pinsky
Acrylic paint
396 x 398 cm

The large mural is based on an image of an AR1 GOLEM computer chip that Marina Pinsky discovered in the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The GOLEM computer was one of the first computers in Israel, following the WEIZAC (Weizmann Automatic Computer) that was operational until 1963. The chip shows a complicated network of streams, similar in form to (lost) rivers on a map. While researching the former sea arm The Slow, Pinsky came across an image depicting the ditches that people had made, which were deepened by the sea and later on artificially filled with earth again. The similarity in the patterns of networks in Walcheren’s layers of earth with those on the computer chip was striking. The name AR1 Golem evokes the golem, which in Jewish folklore, is an animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created from inanimate matter (specifically from clay or mud). It is these loose associations that Pinsky is interested in, diferent for each viewer.

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