Middelburg Summer 1996

Jens Haaning

Solo exhibition

6 July – 25 August 1996
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lex ter Braak

In 1994, the Danish artist Jens Haaning showed two German shepherd dogs on long leashes in the gallery of Nicolaas Werner in Copenhagen. The visitors who entered largely determined the response of the dogs. If they were unconcerned, the dogs came to them kindly, but at the visitors that showed traces of fear, the dogs barked loudly. For those visitors there was only one possibility: to leave the gallery (as soon as possible).

In this work there was a direct, confrontational interaction between the displayed and the visitor. The work was not a passive wallflower, but a living entity that investigates and tests the visitor in the same way the visitor usually interacts with the work. In this, the work can be stronger and more alert.