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Oemoemenoe #1: If You Do It Well, I Will Do It Better

Zahar Bondar

Workshop Series

14 November 2023 – 30 May 2024

Curator: Adriënne van der Werf

Photo: Anda van Riet | Oemoemenoe #1: If You Do It Well, I Will Do It Better  | Zahar Bondar

Vleeshal invites you to the opening of Zahar Bondar's permanent art installation at the Pennywafelhuis on Thursday, May 30, from 4 to 6pm. This commission is part of the project Oemoemenoe, Vleeshal's local nomadic program. From November 2023 to April 2024, Bondar created several tiles during workshops with visitors of the Pennywafelhuis.

For this co-creation project called Oemoemenoe #1: If You Do It Well, I Will Do It Better, Bondar was inspired by a monumental tiled wall he saw in Andalusia. On this wall, each row of tiles uses the same motif but is made in a different style and by different people. The wall beautifully materializes the diversity of backgrounds that a culture contains.

Just like the wall, the Pennywafelhuis brings together a melting pot of cultures. The Pennywafelhuis is an inclusive social-artistic project in an apartment in the Dauwendaele neighborhood, where individuals with various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds reside. Various activities take place there, for instance in different studios, the garden, and the market hall where second-hand items are available.

The project If You Do It Well, I Will Do It Better centers around the kitchen as a space of care. The tiles created during the project will be placed in the kitchen of the Pennywafelhuis, where they will form a permanent art installation. On May 30, you are welcome to attend and celebrate the opening of the art installation with us. During the opening, there will be a performance by artist Zahar Bondar and you can join us for a cup of soup. Please sign up for the opening by sending an email to so we can account for the amount of soup.

We hope to see you on May 30 from 4 to 6pm at the Pennywafelhuis.


Oemoemenoe started in 2023 as part of the Local Nomadic Program. For Oemoemenoe, contemporary artists are invited to develop a project in collaboration with local associations and businesses in Zeeland - sports clubs, swimming pools, hotels, and restaurants. We bring visitors into contact with contemporary art in various special places in Zeeland and invite artists who give us possible directions on which way to go. They question, each in their own way, the accepted norm through their artistic practice.

Vleeshal is an internationally oriented center for contemporary art, rooted in Zeeland. In Zeeland Focus, Vleeshal highlights regional artists, takes part in and celebrates local contemporary art and culture.

This project is made possible by the Mondiaan Fund.