Dÿe den nest weet dÿe weeten. Dÿen roft dÿ heeten

Jan Fabre

Solo exhibition

4 – 25 February 1995
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lex ter Braak

Under the Breughelian title “Dÿe den nest weet dÿe weeten. Dÿen roft dÿ heeten.”, Jan Fabre shows four new sculptures. These sculptures are made of juwel beetles, three green ones and a red one.

The three green sculptures are angelical figures, placed high against a specially constructed white wall. These are the pendants of the three stone sculptures that have their fixed place in the back, against the side wall of the Vleeshal. From afar their skin shines mysteriously and seductively, but up close you see the fearsome worming of insects, their color taking on a dark and threatening aspect. The superficial beauty has been cut off by the consciousness of decay, rot and temporality. After longer observation, the seductive shine overcomes this darkness and this realization, and something else triumphs.

"When the night animals go to sleep and wake up the day animals, there is a moment of sublime silence in nature in which everything splits up, bursts open and changes. It is this moment that I started to search for, started to take. It is a space between day and night, between life and death, in which indefinable things happen." (Hugo de Greef / Jan Hoet: Conversations with Jan Fabre, p.55) The insects are the catalysts for this cycle of metamorphosis and mutation: From life to death, from color to darkness, from dying to resurrection, from earth to heaven, from stone to angel, from chaos to symmetry.