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Baby Dee's Big Swansong

Baby Dee


Friday 14 December 2018
6 – 8 pm
Vleeshal (Map)


Baby Dee, the gender dysphoric medievalist carny from Cleveland Ohio, is retiring. Come hear her sing about predestination, elevator guys, and disgruntled reindeer.

The Zeeland-based American musician, singer-songwriter and performance-artist Baby Dee announced her retirement. She stopped performing from January 2019 onwards. Vleeshal was extremely pleased and honoured to host her very last farewell show.

Baby Dee began her career as a street performer in 1970s New York. In the 1990s she befriended Antony Hegarty, fellow-performance artist and lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, who invited her to perform the harp on their debut album. It is through Hegarty that Baby Dee met the British musician and poet David Tibet, who encouraged her to record an album with her own songs for his label Durtro. In 2001 Baby Dee released her debut album Little Window, with which she instantly introduced a unique sound. From this moment forward she performed her music all over the world and recorded several albums. ‘Her songs are a mixture of old anthems, murder ballads, bombastic crescendo’s but also quiet songs. Sometimes rough and tough, but mostly full of soul’, sayd the Dutch music platform 3voor12 about her music.

Baby Dee’s love for nature, which she also carries out as a tree surgeon, is an important theme in her songs. Several years ago another love made her move to Zeeland. The landscape in Zeeland inspired her to write new songs, among which an ode to Kamperland. Last years Baby Dee regularly performed together with the Zeelandic troubadour Broeder Dieleman, who was also accompaning her on the banjo at this concert.

Baby Dee has performed at Vleeshal before, during the N8VDN8 in 2014, and returned one last time for an intimate farewell concert.