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Kaspar Müller

Kaspar Müller


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Audrey Cottin, Arthur Fink, Roos Gortzak and Fabrice Stroun
Roos Gortzak
Marietta Eugster with Fabian Fretz

The book Kaspar Müller is published in conjunction with the exhibition Kaspar Müller, Allegiance & Oblivion at Vleeshal in 2019 and is co-published by Vleeshal en BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE. The publication provides a profound insight into Kaspar Müller’s multi-layered art practice of the last ten years, which oscillates between sculpture, installation, video, photography, painting, and drawing. Much of the conceptually driven work of Müller is enveloped in irony and black humor, often conceived to comment on the creative process and the influence of capitalism. Müller's work is usually presented as an accumulation of objects and images beyond any cataloging or order but only joyfully in their variety and heterogeneity. Corresponding with this way of working, the selection of images in the book is arranged in loose and playful associations, without fixed categories or set chronology. Exhibition views are combined with photographs, video stills, and images of works. The design of the book encourages you to browse through its image section in different ways. Besides the usual movement from cover to cover, contributions by Arthur Fink, Fabrice Stroun, and Audrey Cottin provide other options to navigate through the book, as each essay or interview mentions its own selection of works in a different order.

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