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Perpetual Calendar


€ 14


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Nomaduma Rosa Masilela and Thiago de Paula Souza
Seo kyung Kim
150 x 150 mm
Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art
Roos Gortzak and Adriënne van der Werf

Nomaduma Rosa Masilela and Thiago de Paula Souza are the curators of the 2022–2023 Nomadic Program. The core values of their program reflect Audre Lorde's commitment to creating an international feminist and political network of camaraderie, which also inspired the perpetual calendar.

We would like to share a little fragment of the letter that comes with this calendar:

Inside, you will find images of works by artists that we have been working with during our time as the Nomadic Curators of Vleeshal center for contemporary art throughout 2022 and 2023. These artists have worked with us through our central research query of How do we learn to love each other while we are embattled on so many fronts? This question was first raised by the endlessly inspiring North American poet and activist, Audre Lorde, and it has been guiding us through these two years of work and in our ongoing collaborative project.

In the spirit of raising a sense of inquisitiveness, at the bottom of each month is a prompt or suggestion for an action that we offer to you – we hope you find this generative!

Nomaduma Rosa Masilela en Thiago de Paula Souza


In 2015 Vleeshal kicked of its Nomadic Program, as an extension of its existing exhibition program in Middelburg. In its Nomadic Program Vleeshal goes on tour, organising exhibitions and other events in collaboration with venues in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Art Rotterdam, Amsterdam Art Weekend, the Spring Performance Festival, WIELS Art Book Fair, Brussels and Poppositions, Brussels.

For decades Vleeshal is invested in the development of publications. Books published by Vleeshal are internationally appreciated for their experimental content and form. At Vleeshal, a publication is never 'merely' about documentation of a past exhibition, but rather about creating an 'extension' of an artistic project, generating meaning in the present, and thus allowing the project to live on after the exhibition.

Vleeshal publishes monographs, critical analyses, catalogues and books on artists who have exhibited at the Vleeshal. It works with international publishers and distributors, including Hatje Cantz, Walther König and Sternberg Press, to expand the reach of its independent and small-scale publications. Visit our Shop to buy one of our publications.

Financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and science and the Municipality of Middelburg.