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Published by MER

MER. Paper Kunsthalle

Group exhibition

28 September – 15 December 2013
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lorenzo Benedetti

Published by MER 'Paper Kunsthalle', 2013
Installation image
Leo van Kampen photography | Published by MER | MER. Paper Kunsthalle

MER. Paper Kunsthalle

Books, catalogs and publications are increasingly important elements to spread art. The Published By exhibitions show that publications and exhibitions in practice are very close together. The Netherlands play a central role in this area.

After Roma Publication, Castillo Corrales and Åbäke the forth edition of Published by will be presented by MER. Paper Kunsthalle, an independent publishing house looking into the book medium as a place for exibiting art. At the same time it functions as a platform with and for different initiatives that are concerned with publishing. MER. is an initiative of Studio Luc Derycke.

MER. Paper Kunsthalle foundation was established in 2005 in order to examine the possibilities and position of books as places to exhibit art. Since their incipience, art books often developed as rigid catalogues or aide-mémoires. They were seldom considered as genuine spaces to exhibit living art. However, from Dada onwards artists have always thought of books as exhibiting spaces. One of MER. Paper Kunsthalle’s main focus therefore is to provide this exhibiting space to artists by creating an institutional platform that publishes art books in a different fashion. MER. calls itself a 'Paper Kunsthalle' because it initiates, develops and supports art exhibiting within the medium book.

With contributions by

Erki Devries & Pieter Huybrechts
Frank Depoorter & Lore Rabaut
Gabriel Orozco
Guus Van der Velden
Ištvan Išt Huzjan
Jochem Vanden Ecker
Johan De Wilde
Kelly Schacht
Koenraad Dedobbeleer & Rita Mc Bride
Pieter Vermeersch
R. H. Quaytman
reinaart vanhoe
Stefaan Dheedene
Willem Oorebeek