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Middelburg800: Outside Vleeshal's Walls! #3


22 October 2017
12 – 2:30 pm
Middelburg (Map)

Middelburg800: Outside Vleeshal's Walls! #3

In celebration of Middelburg's 800th anniversary, Vleeshal organized a versatile public program of excursions outside its walls. With its forty years of existence, Vleeshal makes up an essential part of Middleburg’s history. Middelburg800 presented Vleeshal with an excellent opportunity to guide visitors to its collection of sculptures and other works of art in public space.

For the third edition of Outside Vleeshal’s Walls! on October 22, Jack van Aspert and Ramon de Nennie organised a guided tour through Middelburg, within the framework of the art manifestation Kijk daar beweegt iets (achter de gerania). The tour took the participants to several works that were featured in the manifestation and to a special concert by Douwe Eisinga.

Kijk daar beweegt iets was a project organised by the artist initiative decreet-concreet, in light of the 15th and final edition of art magazine decreet and was financially supported by de Vleeshal/SBKM, by means of the council policy on subsidies to artists from Middelburg. Prior to the magazine’s presentation, an art route in Middelburg featuring various artists from the city and the region, was organised, as well as several lectures and other activities.


Vleeshal is an internationally oriented center for contemporary art, rooted in Zeeland. In Zeeland Focus, Vleeshal highlights regional artists, takes part in and celebrates local contemporary art and culture.