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Het Avontuur

Arjanne van der Spek, Vladimir Kokolia

Group exhibition

11 March – 10 April 1994
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lex ter Braak

Arjanne van der Spek & Vladimir Kokolia , 'Het Avontuur', 1994. Photo: Wim Riemens | Het Avontuur | Arjanne van der Spek, Vladimir Kokolia

The exhibition by Vladimir Kokolia and Arjanne van der Spek in the Vleeshal is an adventure in all respects: for the artists, the organizers and the visitors. After Arjanne van der Spek had seen the paintings of Vladimir Kokolia on the last 'Documenta' in Kassel, she wrote him a letter on the basis of a deeply-felt connection. The correspondence that followed resulted in the joint wish to create an exhibition that would be about relationship, interaction and reflection.

We found their request to bring such an exhibition to the Vleeshal extremely exciting, because it would be an adventure for all involved: for the artists, and for the organizers, who did not know how a collaboration between a painter and a sculptor would work out. An exhibition that would be shaped in the process.