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Berend Strik en One Architecture

Mathijs Bouw, Joost Meuwissen

Group exhibition

3 November – 13 December 1998
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lex ter Braak

Mathijs Bouw & Joost Meuwissen, 1998
Exhibition overview | Berend Strik en One Architecture | Mathijs Bouw, Joost Meuwissen

The ground of the Netherlands vibrates under the violence of the spade. Major infrastructure works, such as the accelerated construction of roads and railways and the expansion of towns and villages change the familiar view. At the drawing boards and in the meeting rooms, plans are being developed to make both city and country ready for the new century. There is almost no self-respecting village or city left that has not set an ambitious plan for the future. The idea of controlling and directing the future with designs and blueprints suddenly gives rise to the chaotic and uncontrollable present.

In their exhibition 'Berend Strik and One Arcitecture present the research on the urban condition of Middelburg’, they question the expansion and enlargement of cities in the Netherlands in general, and that of Midelburg in particular. These questions are not stated directly, but dialectically. They spark in the movement between the works.