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Zine Workshop

Bebe Books


8 December 2023
2 – 4 pm
Vleeshal (Map)

Free Entrance

Photo: Bebe Books | Zine Workshop | Bebe Books

On December 8 it was Purple Friday! To celebrate, Vleeshal hosted a zine workshop in collaboration with queer collective Bebe Books. A zine or fanzine is a self-designed magazine with images and text that correspond to a variety of topics. Zines are used to share thoughts and visions by making photocopies and distributing them, often by marginalized groups.

Bebe Books consists of a group of artists and designers who organize a range of projects and events. They value the importance of bringing different perspectives and voices together, rather than relying on one person to do it all. After a brief introduction about their collective practice, Bebe Books hosted a workshop where they worked with participants to develop their own zine.

About Bebe Books

Bebe Books is an ongoing collective experiment that operates through shared commitment in creative labor, care, and friendship in the fields of communication, design, and publishing. By working together, they resist the modern myth of one-sided perspectives and instead seek center multivalence.

Bebe Books considers itself a queer collective, not only as an expression of identity but also as a methodology. Besides the fact that the majority of Bebe members do not conform to traditional gender roles, they use their creative capacities and resources to design a context - be it a book, a gay bar, a temple, or a political campaign - where a variety of marginalized experiences and voices can be represented.

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Bebe Books


Education is of great importance to Vleeshal. Its educational program accompanying the exhibitions is twofold. Firstly, for each child who visits the exhibition there is an educational assignment available at the counter. This assignment is based on the child's perception of the world. Secondly, Vleeshal organizes educational workshops for both primary school and secondary education. This workshop consists of a receptive part in which the schoolchildren or students view and discuss the exhibition, and a reflective part with a processing assignment.

If you want to book an educational workshop, you can contact us at

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