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Walking the Gerund Mountain (Montjuïc, bando del Port)

Claudia Pagès

Video/Film, Sculpture

Walking the Gerund Mountain (Montjuïc, bando del Port) | Claudia Pagès
Video, metallic structure, flexible LED screens

In Walking the Gerund Mountain (Montjuïc, bando del Port), specially developed for this exhibition, Pagès presents videos of their choreographed night walks through the different socio-economic, sexual and historical spheres that unfold on both sides of Montjuïc, the mountain overlooking the port of Barcelona. On one side: fenced gardens, lookouts for the tourists, a nineteenth century graveyard for the bourgeoisie and a mass grave from the Civil War; on the other, scattered clothes, scraps, raves and cruising spots. The dark of the night brings out all these minor flows that coinhabit the mountain, with their specific codes and dynamics. At one point in the video, Pagès squats behind the trees to pee, the stream runs downhill or stagnates in a puddle, defining its own particular tricling of time.

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