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Vleeshal Video: Freddie Mercado

Carla Cavi, Freddie Mercado


18 October – 17 December 2023

In 2020, in the middle of the corona pandemic, Freddie Mercado opened an exhibition called Fractura at Casa de les Contrafuertes. To make this exhibition accessible to the public, artist and director Carla Cavina has created an audiovisual recording in which you get a glimpse into the creation of the exhibition and the artist's working method.

The title of the exhibition Fractura is particularly portrayed in various ways in this registration. We get to see how Mercado moves effortlessly between different forms of identity while also getting a glimpse into the relationship between the artist and his body.

This audiovisual registration, Una mirada por la grieta, was on view on our website as part of Vleeshal Video for the duration of the exhibition Freddie at Vleeshal.


In Vleeshal Video, you will find regularly changing videos or films in connection with our projects taking place in Middelburg and beyond. This new series gives us the chance to experiment with an online program and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a Vleeshal program without the need to travel.