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The river that always flows

Ben Sleeuwenhoek

Solo exhibition

29 May – 5 August 2001
Vleeshal Zusterstraat (Map)

Curator: Rutger Wolfson

'The river that always Flows' highlighted work by artist Ben Sleeuwenhoek. Some of the water colours and ceramic works presented in the exhibition had never been shown before. At first glance, Ben Sleeuwenhoek’s work seems to be easily accessible. His paintings have no perspective and Sleeuwenhoek makes use of simple shapes and symbols. But those who look more closely soon discover a layered complexity that is reinforced by the use of opposites such as light and dark, rest and movement.

Sleeuwenhoek is deeply influenced by the Asian religions and philosophies he has encountered on his travels. Here, symbols and decoration are of great importance. These elements, seen by western culture as contradictory, are complementary in Sleeuwenhoek’s work – as they are in India. Through the use of symbols and decorations Sleeuwenhoek’s work becomes a never-ending story, or, as expressed in the title of the exhibition: a river that that always flows.