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Rooms of Now #4

Inge Meijer

Solo exhibition

1 December 2019, 2 – 4 pm
5 January 2020, 12 – 4 pm
2 February 2020, 12 – 4 pm

The house of Toos van Holstein (Map)

Curator: Masha van Vliet

Rooms of Now #4 | Inge Meijer

For the fourth edition of Rooms of Now, Vleeshal’s series of artistic interventions in Middelburg houses, the Dutch artist Inge Meijer was invited to present her work Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (2016) in the house of Toos van Holstein at the Korendijk 56.

In her photo and film installations Meijer investigates the psychology of human behaviour. In the video diptych Beautiful Isle of Somewhere, which Meijer worked on for two years, we move through three different locations in soundless images: the world's largest cruise ship, an indoor tropical rain forest, and a Dutch village rebuilt on the Turkish coast. Instead of portraying the people who visit these destinations, Meijer meticulously zooms in on the architecture of these tourist locations. With her analytical film style, Meijer shows us how romantic desires for wild nature, limitlessness, eternity or the familiar are being answered in our current time. In the context of Toos van Holstein’s house – an old warehouse from 1738 – the work enters into a dialogue with the history of Middelburg, one of the foremost maritime and economic powers in the seventeenth century due to its strategic location by the sea. Because of its past Middelburg also turned into a tourist attraction.

Meijer’s intervention officially opened on Sunday December 1st in the presence of the artist and the curator Masha van Vliet and could also be visited on Sunday 5th of January and Sunday 2nd of February.


Rooms of Now is a project series in which an (inter)national artist is invited to create an artistic intervention in people's homes, in Middelburg. The title is borrowed from a photography project from the artist Maurice van Es, who realised the first edition of Rooms of Now. The series took place from 2019–2022.

Rooms of Now is the follow up of the public program So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood.

In 2015 Vleeshal kicked of its Nomadic Program, as an extension of its existing exhibition program in Middelburg. In its Nomadic Program Vleeshal goes on tour, organising exhibitions and other events in collaboration with venues in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Art Rotterdam, Amsterdam Art Weekend, the Spring Performance Festival, WIELS Art Book Fair, Brussels and Poppositions, Brussels.

This project was made possible by the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund and the municipality of Middelburg.