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Ajours, (Villandry)

Ronald Mullié

Solo exhibition

2 March – 1 April 1990
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Anton van Gemert

Ronald Mullié, 'Ajours, (Villandry)', 1990. Exhibition overview. Photo: Wim Riemens | Ajours, (Villandry) | Ronald Mullié

The title of the installation is 'Ajours, (Villandry)', a reference to the village of Villandry in France near Tours, where there are a number of Renaissance gardens. These Renaissance gardens have a particular design structure, wherein I saw parallels with my own work. For example, I previously made a work, "Folding Schemes", in which I sketched a number of ways and principles for folding a sheet of paper. You could see a sheet of paper as a kind of projection of space. Once you fold it, you recreate it spatially.