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On Play

Temitayo Ogunbiyi


Friday 3 November 2023
1 – 3 pm
G.A.S. Lagos

Curators: Nomaduma Rosa Masilela, Thiago de Paula Souza


On Play was a talk between artist Temitayo Ogunbiyi and Nomadic Curators Nomaduma Rosa Masilela and Thiago de Paula Souza. This event was hosted by G.A.S. Lagos in collaboration with Vleeshal and was the last phase of the International Nomadic Program.

During this event, Ogunbiyi gave an introduction to her work It Will Flow, a virtual playground experience that can be played as a videogame. After this, the public could attend a conversation with the Nomadic Curators and the artist for a more in-depth exploration of the game.

This talk was part of a three-day program in Lagos, Nigeria, during which extensive attention was devoted to this uniquely designed gaming experience.


How do we learn to love each other while we are embattled on so many fronts? is a series developed by Vleeshal's nomadic curators Nomaduma Rosa Masilela and Thiago de Paula Souza.

The title for this series is borrowed from Audre Lorde, writer and activist, who penned this question in 1984 in a journal entry written while she was living in Berlin, during which time she asked a litany of incisive existential questions about finding meaning in the face of uncertainty, despair, and psychic and physical vulnerability. Nomaduma and Thiago articulate their nomadic program of 2022-2023 around this question. The devotion of Audre Lorde to create international feminist political networks of camaraderie reflects the core concerns of their program. Nomaduma and Thiago similarly ask questions of how does one teach or share, how does one survive, how does one empower others, how does one fight, how does one repair, how does one nourish, as the core foundations of their collaborative curatorial practice.

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