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Nuuk, Yamanote Lightblast, 612.43WEISS

Thomas Köner, Jürgen Reble, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag

Group exhibition

30 June – 9 September 2007
Vleeshal Zusterstraat (Map)

Curator: Lucas van der Velden

Concurrently with the presentation of Ryoji Ikeda’s data.tron in De Vleeshal, De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal will feature work by three like-minded artists: Thomas Köner, Jürgen Reble en Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag. As does Ikeda, these artists offer their audience a complete, intense immersion in sound, imagery and time. Their work is characterized by a highly minimalist approach, resulting in a variety of – hypnotic, hallucinatory or contemplative – experiences. The exhibition is curated by artist and director of the Amsterdam Sonic Acts Festival Lucas van der Velden.