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From the chat this will be (...)

Rindon Johnson


From the chat this will be (...) | Rindon Johnson
Rawhides, dirt

Full title:
From the chat this will be related to the speaker, the cold can easily take a voice, a bed, a bed like vehicle carried on a man’s shoulders, lound, lounge, sofa, dining-couch, lie down, lay, scattered oddments, disorderly debris, provide with bedding, provide with bedding, bring forth, give birth to, to strew with objects, to scatter in a disorderly way, jonah and the whale, stretcher, bier, straw, bedding, not them, late and then later, cunning, lectus, erosion, like touching the same object with the same object over and over and then at some point stopping arbitrarily in accordance almost exactly as you begin all of which is distinctly nothing like the happiness of a dog with a ball in its mouth.

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