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Dylan Graham & Pier Stockholm

Dylan Graham, Pier Stockholm

Group exhibition

2 July – 10 September 2006
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Rutger Wolfson

Graham & Stockholm, 2006
Installation image | Dylan Graham & Pier Stockholm | Dylan Graham, Pier Stockholm

Dylan Graham
Dylan Graham (Otautahi, 1972) grew up in New Zeeland and is fascinated by the consequences of colonialism and the ever relevant issues arising from immigration and forced migration. Although drawings form the core of his work, Graham for the past few years has focused on traditional decoupage and large installations instead.

Pier Stockholm
The 1980`s television series 'Manimal' featured a police officer who transformed into an animal when faced with danger. Manimal beat the bad guys and saved the girl. Now 'Manimal' is the title of a project by Pier Stockholm (Lima, 1977), a young Peruvian artist who lives and works in Lima (Peru) en Sao Paolo (Brazil).