Costumes from Scene 10, The Celebration and Games

Susan Cianciolo

Performance, Installation

With this exhibition Root Canal wanted to show that the attic can be read as a metaphor of the mind. In one loft they wanted to shed light on the action of arranging: the more logical part of the mind. It refers to the attic as a place where things are being kept and found. Upon further research it was exciting for Root Canal to learn how Susan sources the fabrics, handling them through various methods: commissioning them from seed to cloth, receiving them as gifts, or coming across them as recycled finds. They were intrigued by the way that the dresses seem to display means of collaging. Simultaneously they seem to function within the painterly discourse and also in the realm of arranging and collecting of specific materials. Susan's work is often inspired by her own memories. Each piece is separate and distinct, but the overarching structure of how the work is arranged becomes almost as important as the works themselves. The costumes are intended to be used. At the opening performers wore them while being in a meditation session with the artist in the center of the Vleeshal.