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Book launch: GHOST TOWN

Ola Vasiljeva

Book launch

17 June 2024
9 am – 3 pm
Market square, Middelburg (Map)

Book launch: GHOST TOWN | Ola Vasiljeva

On Monday, June 17, you could join us at the book and antique market in Middelburg for the book launch on the occasion of the new publication GHOST TOWN by Ola Vasiljeva, published by Vleeshal and Roma Publications.

GHOST TOWN is the first comprehensive overview of Vasiljeva’s practice and (re)collects the fragments, shapes, and thoughts that have been (re)configured and (re)presented throughout Ola’s multifaceted constellations from 2008 to 2023.

Edited by Roos Gortzak and designed by Robert Milne, the publication consists of several intertwined sections, including Ola’s exhibitions; texts by Roos Gortzak, Chris Fitzpatrick, Anna Gritz, Daniil Kharms, and Kate Strain; an ALBUM by The Oceans Academy of Arts (OAOA); and STORAGE that functions as ‘both a compass for navigating the archipelago of her piled arrangements, and later, as a mnemonic device.’


For decades Vleeshal is invested in the development of publications. Books published by Vleeshal are internationally appreciated for their experimental content and form. At Vleeshal, a publication is never 'merely' about documentation of a past exhibition, but rather about creating an 'extension' of an artistic project, generating meaning in the present, and thus allowing the project to live on after the exhibition.

Vleeshal publishes monographs, critical analyses, catalogues and books on artists who have exhibited at the Vleeshal. It works with international publishers and distributors, including Hatje Cantz, Walther König and Sternberg Press, to expand the reach of its independent and small-scale publications. Visit our Shop to buy one of our publications.