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Between Red and a Transparent Plane

Kees Goudzwaard

Solo exhibition

19 January – 23 March 2014
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Lorenzo Benedetti

Between Red and a Transparent Plane | Kees Goudzwaard

The Dutch artist Kees Goudzwaard presents recent paintings entitled Between Red and a Transparent Plane in De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal.

This title refers to a new work that uses the nuances of one essential palette of colours: red, white and black.

Goudzwaard’s work is a constant exploration of pictorial space and ways of creating a spatial dimension between the various planes. He uses the mimesis technique to produce compositions that strike a balance between abstraction and figuration. Each painting displays a transparent structure that is built up in layers out of seemingly material elements.

The compositions often have a landscape structure, for example in Collected and Scherenschnitt (Paper Cut), both dated 2012. The work Parts of Fragments shows a composition that appears to zoom in on a constellation of stars.

The artist’s imaginary space ultimately goes beyond the actual composition, for he is looking for what is ‘between’ the layers of paint and the surface of the canvas.