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Dingeman Kuilman, Gilian Schrofer, Frederic Rzewski

Group exhibition

3 April – 31 May 2004
Vleeshal (Map)

Curator: Dingeman Kuilman

In co-operation with the Premsela foundation for Dutch design.
Featuring work by: Franck Bragigand, COMA (Marcel Hermans and Cornelia Blatter), IAAA (Jos de Bruin and Remko Scha) and Jurriaan Schrofer.
Commonly held views on design revolve around the notion of progress. Such views are, however, in need of revision. After all, most designers work on products we no longer expect to improve. From last season’s coat to this season’s, from the old chair to the new one, from the previous vase to the very latest – there is no progression. Most designers do not innovate, they alternate: they provide a flow of alternatives.